Saturday, 2 August 2014

Perfume Saturdays: My first signature smell: "Don Algodón" EDT

My first review: the fragrance I wore for most days of my teens and until my early 20s, when I stopped wearing fragrance every day.


Untrained nose description: Floral and feminine. A girly smell that does not feel sickly sweet and is not out of place in an older (late 30s) woman. Not very sophisticated, uncomplicated, innocent but not too childish either. Does not smell of "shopping center perfume" (I wish I knew how to explain better).

Bottle: White glass cylinder with a blue round plastic cap and a blue plastic ring, splash-bottle, 100 ml. The bottle I had before had a white plastic cap and blue plastic ring. It was also a splash bottle in a smaller size.

Price: Cheap. Can be found in drugstores for a couple of tens of Euros. The shower gel and body lotion smell similarly and are also cheap, but sometimes cannot be found. A cheap "luxury" for myself.

Status:Still in production, seems to smell the same as in the early 1990s.

Manufacturer:Myrurgia, Spain.

Sillage and longevity: Projects to arm's length, does not last much (two hours, I guess). Good day/office fragrance, and when it disappears you can wear something more mature as an evening scent.

Personal opinion: Still enjoy wearing it. A comforting smell for me. Makes me feel calm :)

Before losing the habit of wearing perfume, in my early teens I went through a phase when I wore fragrance every day. This was my signature smell and the first I wore that was bought specifically for me. My mother took me to a perfume shop and the lady helpfully gave me some fragrances to smell. I took 2 samples home to wear and decide, and chose "Don Algodón". (I wish I knew what the other one was. It was a green, grassy smell which was delicious for Summer but not warm enough for Winter, so I did not choose that one.)

In my mind, it's like one of the baby fragrances of the early 80s had become grown-up. Not a very complex fragrance and even an untrained nose can see that it's not a high-end perfume. However, it does not smell of that horrible artificial volatile note (I wish I knew its name) that many of the perfumes being sprayed on paper samples in shopping centers since the early 2000s have (and that makes my stomach turn a little). It's simple, sweet and girly but not too babyish nor too candy-sweet either.

Suggestion for comments:

Anyone else wore it/still wears it? What are its notes? Any other reviews online?

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