Sunday, 14 September 2014

Perfume Saturdays (on Sunday): Té Verde - la Casa de los Aromas

A (very) cheap thrill found in a random store.


Untrained nose description: Fresh. Starts a bit artificial. Fortunately, the artificial note, on me, disappears fast and it leaves a balanced mix of green notes with a soapy note which is pleasant, if not very sophisticated.

Bottle: White glass cylinder with a green plastic cap, spray-bottle, 25 ml.

Price: Dirt cheap. Found it on a random store which sells ends of factory lots of all kinds of products for less than 2 euros. Online it can be found by 2.4 euros.

Status:In production, no idea when it started being produced.

Manufacturer:La casa de los Aromas, Spain.

Sillage and longevity: Close to skin, does not last much (two hours, I guess). Possible day/office fragrance. For when you wish to smell like nice plant soap and don't have much money.

Personal opinion: Enjoy wearing it. Very unsophisticated but nice.

My personal budget for perfume/fragrances is not that big, so I am always looking for possible cheap thrills on the fragrance side. While this is an unsophisticated fragrance, it agrees with my taste and while it starts harsh and artificial, it mellows very pleasantly on me.